FILE - This May 1, 2019 file photo shows Drake at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. SiriusXM and Pandora, companies that merged earlier this year, announced Thursday, July 25, that they have signed a new creative partnership with the superstar rapper. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File)

Drake steals the spotlight with “superhuman reflexes”

In a display of lightning-quick reflexes, Drake showcased his otherworldly instincts during a recent stop on his It’s All a Blur Tour in San Francisco. A viral clip from the August performance resurfaced on Drake’s Instagram Story on Saturday, reminding fans of the rapper’s superhuman agility.

In the video, Drake, also known as the “6 God,” skillfully dodged a potentially head-injuring encounter with his own poetry book, Titles Ruin Everything. With the finesse of a seasoned ninja, he caught the airborne book mid-air, leaving the audience in awe. Addressing the incident, he warned the thrower, “You lucky I’m quick. Would’ve had to beat your ass if that hit me in the face.”

Sharing the video on social media, Drake captioned it with a playful reminder: “Never forget I’m not human.” This proclamation adds to the mystique surrounding the artiste, reinforcing his larger-than-life persona.

Aside from his extraordinary reflexes, the rapper experienced a unique form of fan appreciation during the 2023 tour. Drake shared a photo on Instagram posing next to a vast collection of bras thrown onto the stage during his performances. The colourful array of undergarments numbered well over 100, eliciting humorous reactions from fans and fellow celebrities alike.

As fans marvelled at the spectacle, Drake provided a behind-the-scenes glimpse, sharing a video of two female staff members organising the abundant display of bras.

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