Dave Chappelle attacked on stage at Netflix show in LA

First it was Chris Rock, now it is Dave Chappelle as the comedian was tackled to the ground before security, and Jamie Foxx, intervened at his gig in Hollywood last night.

He was reportedly briefly interrupted when a person took to the stage and tackled the comedian to the ground. 

The incident, according to Fader, which was caught on camera by audience members at the Netflix is a Joke show at the Hollywood Bowl, ended when members of Chappelle’s security chased and caught the man.

Actor Jamie Foxx was among the group who intervened while Chris Rock, himself recently slapped on stage at the Oscars, was backstage. 

NBC reports that the unnamed attacker was carrying a replica gun that could eject a knife blade, though it is unknown whether the weapon was used. Video footage from later in the evening showed the attacker being loaded onto an ambulance and sent to a nearby hospital.

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