Damian Karma, Gee Baller and Monaky drop “SOS” remix in dynamic collaboration

The remix of “SOS” by Damian Karma, which features Gee Baller and Monaky, is now available for streaming and download on all major music platforms.

“SOS” is an explosive blend of trap and Afrobeat music that is sure to get listeners moving with its pulsing energy and dynamic vocal performances.

Produced by BeatsByKarma from the very start, the hard-hitting trap drums set the stage for the gritty, streetwise lyrics of Damian Karma, Gee Baller and Monaky. As the song progresses, the beat switches up, infusing elements of Afrobeat sounds that take the track to a new dimension. The percussion becomes more complex, with layers of hand drums that give the song a distinctly African vibe.

The catchy chorus and infectious melody of “SOS” are guaranteed to have listeners singing along from start to finish. The remix successfully blends two different genres of music, creating something fresh and exciting for music lovers everywhere.

“This collaboration between Gee Baller, Monaky and Damian Karma is an incredible example of how different genres can come together to create something truly special,” said a spokesperson for the artists. “We’re excited to share this remix of ‘SOS’ with the world and can’t wait to see how people react to it.”

Dynamic trap artist Damian Karma has stepped out from his producer’s reign to explore his artistry side. Formerly known as BeatsByKarma, born and raised in Festac Town, Damian has honed his craft over the years through writing, recording and performing, eventually finding his true calling in the trap genre. He is showcasing his introspective lyrics and bass-heavy beats. Damian’s unique style and unapologetic approach to music is something to watch out for, as he is a visionary and boundary-pushing artist, poised for excitement.

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