Dami, I know you guys wont publish my Brymo rejoinder – Anonymous

We received this comment in the mail. We were going to approve it for the comment section but the last line gave us pause so we decided to publish it as an article with a title that we believe speaks to the core of his piece even though s/he was rude and personal and chose anonymity – Editors.

There’s professional review and there’s hatchet job. I read this review with an open mind and have since been streaming this album, and try as hard as I might I am yet to agree with you on a single point, which is pretty stunning, a review has to be so far off the mark if someone can’t find a single thing to agree with. Did you review the album or you reviewed the album you wanted, that you dream about making whenever your smugness allows you get off your armchair? Did you come to the album ticked off at the musicians braggadocio antics on twitter, or perhaps off some private tic nursed for years at some occasion at say Abeokuta?

Banana ruined as a metaphor? for who? Even the most skilled writer can revive well worn cliches and get away with it, and I found his use of banana neither jarring or off-putting. And women dictate the rules is the well known saying that in the home men are often under the delusion of being the head when most times in most loving and nurturing relationships they will cave to their wives demands. You know what those are right? Loving and nurturing relationships? We know you’re passionate about appearing woke and fighting the patriarchy, and that is quite noble, but this song is not about that. Do your arms ache from so much reaching to find something terrible about each song? I won’t even bother going through each point of what has just come off as a bulletpoints of malice masquerading as a review, just know that you hurt yourself and your credibility by passing off your vendetta in a publicly available and widely shared review. Jesus Christ. How is this a review? Do better. This is why the Freedom park gatekeeper crew have become a comic trope in these circles.

You might not post this comment but you will read it. And I shall rest.

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