Curtains fall on #AfricaSoftPowerSeries today, May 25

The #AfricaSoftPowerSeries, which has been holding since May 5, wraps-up today, May 25 with a virtual session at 5:00PM WAT.

“Don’t miss the closing session – ‘Financing Creative Power’ – In a world increasingly aware of the power of diversity and the creative industry, how are major players in the financial sector contributing to the growth of the creative industries?,” said the organisers in an announcement.

The question is, Who is driving this globally and on the continent? In the age of Black Lives Matter, what are the opportunities for black people and how do we ensure that the conversations are sustained and not a fad?

Featuring: Claude Grunitzky: CEO, The Equity Alliance; Founder, TRUE Africa & TRACE, Co-founder TRACE TV and, Co-founder, TRACE TV’ Angelique Brunner: CEO & Founder, EB5 Capital

The session will be moderated by Nnenna Onyewuchi: Director of Strategy & Founder, Yellow Brick Road & Blackbox.

Follow @africasoftpower and register with link in their bio.

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