Curtains fall on 25th Lagos Book and Art Festival Sunday

The week-long celebration, which marked the 25th edition of the Lagos Book and Art Festival (LABAF) with a spectacular blend of cultural exploration, intellectual discourse, and artistic expression culminates on Sunday, November 19.

A Journey Through Time: “Lagos The Birth of a City of Style” Documentary Premieres

The day kicks off at 11 am with a captivating film screening at Kongi’s Harvest Gallery. The documentary titled Lagos The Birth of a City of Style 1861-1967 takes attendees on a mesmerizing journey through the transformation of Lagos. Directors Emeka Ed Keazor and Muni King-Keazor, along with executive producers Ugoma Adegoke and Bloom Art, masterfully capture the city’s evolution from a humble Awori farming settlement to a colonial pearl and, finally, its current status as a dynamic economic and cultural powerhouse.

Intellectual Engagement: Seminar on CORA & LABAF’s Journeys

Following the screening, a seminar at Kongi’s Harvest Gallery will delve into the rich history of the Committee for Relevant Art (CORA) and LABAF. Led by anchor Segun Aribisala, members of the CORA Volunteers Corps will review the festival’s 25th edition, reflecting on its impact on the literary and cultural landscape.

Contemplating the Future: CORA Volunteers Corps Booktrek

At 2 pm, the festival continues with a Booktrek session where the CORA Volunteers Corps explore the theme “Contemplating the Future.” Young literary activists engage with texts such as Sycamore by Betty Zainab and The Sun Shall Soon Shine by Adejoke Ajibade-Bakare, fostering discussions on the prospects of Nigeria’s literary future.

Unlocking the Knowledge Economy: Seminar on Keys to Knowledge Economy

Later in the day, a seminar at Kongi’s Harvest Gallery focused on the “Keys to the Knowledge Economy.” Attendees will participate in readings and discussions around Lawson Omokhodion’s compelling narrative, “Powered by Poverty: a story of adversity, ambition, diligence, and triumph.”

Artistic Flourish: Poetry, Literary Masterclass, and Culture Sector Analysis

The cultural extravaganza continues with a diverse array of events, including a Booktrek session at CORAVille featuring poets Usokun Boy and Joshua Omeke. Omeke is also to conduct a masterclass for young writers, providing insights into developing skills for a literary career.

A pivotal moment occurs at 5:30 pm with the “Art Stampede” at the Food Court. Stakeholders in the culture sector will dissect the current state of the Nigerian creative economy, offering blueprints for maximising gains and opportunities. The festival’s plenary wrap-up will feature heads of artists’ organizations, guilds, cohorts, advocates, and activists.

Grand Finale: Festival Wraps Up with Poetry and Glee

As the clock approaches 8 pm, LABAF 25.0 will stroll into history on the wings of poetry at the Food Court. The festival’s closing glee, led by the CORA Volunteers Corps, marks the end of a vibrant celebration of literature, art, and culture, leaving attendees with lasting memories of a remarkable milestone in LABAF’s legacy.


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