Crown Troupe of Africa’s 28th anniversary concert to hold at Freedom Park

Freedom Park on Broad Street will transform into a vibrant hub of music and celebration as the Crown Troupe of Africa marks its 28th anniversary with a spectacular concert by the ROYAL BARDS on Saturday, June 1. 

Set to begin at 6 pm, this highly anticipated event promises an evening of electrifying performances and artistic splendour, just like the troupe’s enduring legacy in the realm of theatre and music.

Founded in the home of juju music legend King Sunny Ade in Bariga, the Crown Troupe of Africa emerged from the collective dreams and ambitions of a group of young friends. Over nearly three decades, they have navigated the ebbs and flows of the creative world, consistently delivering groundbreaking performances that blend traditional African themes with contemporary artistic expressions.

The concert, presented in collaboration with Freedom Park and supported by Brownehill Radio and ICStudios, offers a unique opportunity to experience the musical prowess of the ROYAL BARDS. For just N1000, attendees will be treated to an unforgettable evening, celebrating not only the troupe’s rich history but also its future in the arts.

The event’s tagline, “When this music hits you, you will feel no pain,” encapsulates the transformative power of the music that awaits concertgoers. This is an opportunity to join the celebration and witness the magic of the Crown Troupe of Africa.

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