Common celebrates ‘Be’ anniversary with ‘Wise Up’ single

Common commemorated the 19th anniversary of his seminal album Be with a heartfelt Instagram post, per “I was reminded that yesterday was the 19th anniversary for Be,” the legendary Chicago rapper reflected, expressing gratitude to Kanye West, J Dilla, and the other artistes who contributed to the classic project.

Marking this milestone, Common and iconic producer Pete Rock have finally unveiled their highly anticipated single, “Wise Up.” The track fuses the essence of the Golden Age of Hip Hop with modern elements, creating a timeless sound that bridges generations of hip-hop fans.

The release of “Wise Up” is accompanied by a powerful music video directed by Marleaux Desiré. The visual narrative captures the spirit of street-level community stories, aligning perfectly with the song’s themes. Creative inputs from ILLIMITÉWORLD and still photography by Alonzo Hellerbach enhance the video’s impact.

This collaboration showcases Common’s profound lyrical abilities paired with Pete Rock’s masterful production, highlighting their enduring influence in the hip-hop scene. “Wise Up” not only pays homage to their roots but also illustrates their capacity to innovate and resonate with contemporary audiences.

Fans and critics are eagerly embracing this release, anticipating further groundbreaking collaborations between these two hip-hop icons. With “Wise Up,” Common and Pete Rock reaffirm their significant roles in shaping the genre’s past, present, and future.


  • Featured image: Common/Brian Bowen 


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