Chike and Mohbad ignite year-end celebrations with infectious collaboration “Egwu”

As 2023 gracefully comes to a close, the music scene is ablaze with the infectious beats of Chike and the late Mohbad’s latest collaboration, “Egwu” – a spirited anthem that transcends linguistic boundaries and sets the stage for a festive musical celebration.

In a fusion of Pop and R&B genres, Chike and Mohbad bring forth a two-minute and 10-second masterpiece that beckons listeners to surrender to the universal language of music. Aptly titled “Egwu,” meaning “Dance” in Igbo, the song promises to be the rhythmic heartbeat of the upcoming festive season.


The magic unfolds on an enchanting House Music production skillfully crafted by DeeYasso. Chike’s seamless blending of Igbo, English and Pidgin languages adds a cultural richness to the track, creating a truly unique auditory experience. Meanwhile, Mohbad’s distinctive baritone pays homage to his roots, infusing the composition with authenticity.

“Music needs no permission to enter your spirit. Anywhere, anyhow, you know you’ll feel me,” express Chike and the late Mohbad, whose words resonate as the soundtrack to the joyous season.

Beyond the studio, Chike is poised to take centre stage at the “Music, Money & Love” concert on December 24th at the prestigious Hard Rock Café, VI. Promising a night of musical brilliance, prosperity, and the timeless emotion of love, this event is set to be a memorable culmination of talent and festivity.

For those eager to experience the magic firsthand, the invitation extends to join Chike at the concert and explore the vibrant world of “Egwu.” As the year concludes, let the harmonious blend of Chike and Mohbad’s musical prowess be the backdrop to your celebratory moments.

Listen to “Egwu” here.

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