CEO of Okada books: “Nigerians are not to blame for not reading.”

CEO of one of Nigeria’s digital book platform, Okada books said yesterday at a panel session at the 2019 Comicon festival that Nigerians are not to blame for the dwindling reading culture.

He supported this statement with an analogy that put the situation in perspective.

“If you find a malnourished child, sitting on the floor and crying, would your first impression be that the child doesn’t like food?”,
he queried.

“The ideal reaction would be to find a way to get food to the famished child, right?”

He relates this experience to literary works and the inability to afford them. This he says is the reason why Nigerians don’t read.
The culprit is money because books are too expensive.

“So as long as we have highly priced books, we will keep having young people that don’t read,” Ofili finished.

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