Camylle Fleming is looking to pitch Nigerian authors to American publishers

Are you a Nigerian author?

Do you have a banging hot manuscript?

Do you think your story will wow a global audience?

Well, opportunity is knocking.

Camylle Fleming, Lagos based African American will hook you up.

Here is her pitch, read and get in touch. (Oh, there are no fees attached. Yup.)

My name is Camylle. I’m a Lagos-based, African American person (she/her) who is seeking writers (with manuscripts (partial of at least 3 chapters/or completed) to pitch to publishing houses in the States (USA). As a birth doula and women’s reproductive health enthusiast, I am partial to texts that give voice to womxn’s experiences of labor and delivery (in all its forms).

I’ve been living in Lagos since 2019 (with my Nigerian fiance), and have primarily been focused on literary publicity work for America-based authors in the post-publication stage. However, I’ve shifted into the literary agent space and I am now in a position to specialize in exclusively spotlighting stories from people of color based on the continent. I’m starting with Nigeria, of course 🙂

If there is any interest in connecting to discuss more of how this process works, please do reply and we can set up a quick 10-15 minute call. Ultimately, I will guide interested parties to submit their work to our MBM Literary website, noting which literary agent ( they would like to partner with.

I’m happy to connect with folks before they do so though – even if there is interest in pairing up with another agent. Hit me up via my email –

Quick note: there are ZERO upfront costs tied to being pitched to Publishing Houses. Literary Agents, like myself, are paid by commission by the Publisher, only after successfully selling a manuscript to the Publishing House.

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