Call for essays: “Migration and the Writer” – essay series

Immigrant. Émigré. Nomad. Foreigner. Settler. Expat. Japa.

These are all words that evoke movement, migration, dislocation, relocation, and deracination. is seeking insightful, poignant, detailed, and well-written essays in which the writer expresses his/her/their motive for relocation or migration and the effect of that movement on their craft.

What does migration mean for us as writers and creatives many of whom have made the journey across the seas to acquire knowledge, escape oppression, flee conflict or seek a better life?

Man has not been able to tame the wanderlust that possessed him from the moment he realised that the vast oceans could be tamed by ships that would sail beyond the horizon and not topple over.

That wanderlust was fuelled further by the coming of air travel which made journeys faster, safer and easier.

Inequity between the global south, the thirst and hunger for conquest, struggle for natural resources, the transatlantic slave trade as well as the seeking after the fabled golden fleece have aided that intercourse between far flung locales.

We are looking for essays of 2,500 words maximum and will pay $250 per accepted piece.

Essays will be published monthly and the author, upon acceptance of his work for publication, invests in the right to publish same in a book if and where the quality of writing demands.

Please send your submissions to with the subject line – Migration and the Writer + Title of your piece

Final publication decision rests with the editors and this series is made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Open Society Foundation.

Thank you.


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