Burna Boy & the All-New Star; Here’s Why Everyone’s Raving About it.

Star lager is up to something exciting again, as the brand recently launched an all-new label which has got everyone talking.

The all-new STAR is corroborated with a stylish out-of-home ad campaign that stars everyone’s favorite afrobeat sensation, Burna Boy.

Here are a few reasons we are super stoked about the new STAR ad.

Never Too Much Of A Star

Burna Boy and STAR have become an inseparable couple since both parties entered into a landmark partnership back in January. We’ve seen a couple of ads with both Burna Boy and STAR and no one seems to get tired of seeing the African Giant turn up on the brighter side.

Burna Boy Makes Sipping Our National Lager Cooler – For 70 years, Star Lager Beer has been refreshing and entertaining Nigerians, with its all-new refreshing taste, STAR is set to continue in this rich tradition. Placing Burna Boy in Star Lager’s new campaign has made the beer even more appealing to its target consumers. It’s safe to say that Burna Boy and STAR are perfect together.

The Feeling Of A New Star: Star Lager Beer recently relaunched with a new label and an all-new liquid recipe which gives the product an even more refreshing taste. The unveiling happened at the Access The Stars concert in Abeokuta. Along with the new label, new music stars were born through the Access The Stars platform which is a music reality TV show. The program was launched in partnership with Access Bank and will reward winners with up to 150 million Naira in prizes.

With a new label, an all-new campaign and its collaboration with Access Bank on the Access the Stars music reality TV show, the beer brand is poised to end the year on a high.

Star Lager Beer is the first brewed beer in Nigeria and has been celebrating everyday moments since 1949. The unique tasting beer is made from natural ingredients and is filled with millions of shining sparkling bubbles that nourishes and refreshes its consumers.

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