Boutross begins 2024 with electrifying “Intro Freestyle”

Boutross Mwebia Munene, the illustrious Kenyan rapper and entrepreneur, kicks off the new year in style with the release of his latest track, “Intro Freestyle.” Renowned for his lyrical prowess and musical versatility, Boutross takes listeners on a captivating journey through his life, seamlessly blending smooth bars with a confident delivery.

In this latest release, Boutross reflects on his remarkable journey from humble beginnings to rap stardom, celebrating achievements, expressing gratitude to fans and addressing his critics head-on. The track not only showcases his mastery of the art but also serves as a testament to his resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

Beyond his undeniable talent in the rap game, Boutross has established himself as a savvy entrepreneur. As a co-owner of ADF Music, an independent record label, he plays a pivotal role in nurturing and promoting a talented group of rappers collectively known as the AD Family.

Boutross’s musical journey traces back to his early days, discovering his passion for rap at the age of 12. He first graced local talent shows in Nairobi, captivating audiences both at school and in his Highrise Estate neighbourhood. Over the years, he has honed his skills, developing a unique style that has garnered recognition and respect within the vibrant Kenyan rap scene.

As “Intro Freestyle” becomes the anthem of Boutross’s triumphant start to 2024, fans and music enthusiasts can immerse themselves in his world by streaming the track here.

Stay connected with Boutross on social media: Instagram and X.


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