Bookdoctors opens submissions call for creative non-fiction literary travelogue

Bookdoctors Ventures Publishing Lagos, with its project editors- Sunny Ayewanu and Uzor Maxim Uzoatu, is calling on writers to submit individual essays on their unique and extraordinary international travel experiences.

Such experiences, according to a statement, should be inspired by works of literature and personal quest to explore or consolidate their world views, hopes and aspirations

“We view Literary Travelogue, as distinct from mere travel reportage, in the best tradition of great prose writing: vivid imagination, fluid narration, descriptive power, explicit scenery and brilliant dialogue, these interspersed with humour or sarcasm, enthusiasm or indifference, relief or despair, joy or sadness, fulfillment or disillusionment and perhaps with eventual tour de force or tragic denouement,” adds the statment

In selecting, it goes on, “we shall also pay close attention to the contributors’ thoughts, beliefs and actions, emanating from their historical, socio-cultural and educational backgrounds and how these factors reflect positively or otherwise in their external relationships with the global community”.

Acknowledging that at no time in world history has the term  ‘global community’ become more meaningful than now, it says that this hyper information age pivoted by the internet and smartphones make audio, visual and virtual connections all pervading. 

“But surprisingly, on the flip side, many people across borders still retain their individuality, ignorance, prejudice and distrust despite the enormous goodwill this globalization offers

“This anthology when published will be the first of its kind in Nigeria where we envisage its introduction to readers will further interrogate creative non-fiction literary travelogue as a genre worthy of scholarly attention”.


Submission is free, open to new and established Nigerian Writers at home and in the diaspora. Other African Writers who have lived in Nigeria and share same/similar cultural bond and experiences are eligible


The anthology will be published in both print and digital formats in 2023. One single entry is acceptable per author, written in English, an original and previously unpublished essay of between 2,000 to 3,000 words. However, we may accept previously published essay which the author has revised with a new title, to align with the criteria for inclusion in this anthology, but that should be indicated by the author in a cover letter on the body of the email.

The essay, type-written in MS word, with the name of the author below the title page, should be sent as attachment to

Include your brief profile (with address, phone number and email below the profile), a postcard photo, each as separate attachment with the essay


Entries are open from December 5, 2022 and close on March 31, 2023


Contributors whose essays are selected will be notified by email in May 2023 and publication schedule with date, including agreement will be sent to them

Each contributor will be entitled to two free copies when printed and may also be paid a honorarium from expected sponsorship fund

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