Beyoncé may drop new music ‘before Christmas’

The Beyhive is abuzz over the news a Beyoncé album could be on the way. Beyoncé’s last full-length studio album was Lemonade, released in 2016 and, although she has released other musical projects since then, fans have been dying for a new Beyoncé era, according to Metro.

The paper says that thanks to an ATRL insider, the Beyhive have reason to hope.

Beyonceupdates on Twitter shared a post from an ATRL Insider, which claimed there’s a massive production of CDs and vinyls related to Beyoncé’s new album. 

They are reportedly ‘colourful’ and coming very soon.

Not wanting to get anyone’s hopes up, they wrote: ‘So apparently a record label is upset that I gave away a secret so I am putting a disclaimer on my posts now saying “Might or might not happen.”‘

However, they went on to say Queen Bey could be coming ‘before Christmas,’ which would surely be the greatest gift.

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