BET+ Announces Legal Drama, “Carl Weber’s Influence”

Today, BET+ announces their latest legal drama “ CARL WEBER’S INFLUENCE” launching on the streaming platform, Thursday, February 20. With his trademark dramatic style, NY Times best-selling author, Carl Weber introduces us to the Hudson’s, a family of African-American lawyers lead by famed attorney Bradley Hudson ( Roger Guenveur Smith ).

Bradley is the Johnnie Cochran of our time; and along with his son Lamont ( Todd Anthony ), daughter Desiree ( Drew Sidora ) and his new wife Carla ( Kellita Smith ), the Hudson’s make up some of the best legal minds in the country. They are going to need it to defend Grammy award-winning singer Savannah ( Deborah Cox ) against the murder charges of her celebrity husband Kyle Kirby ( Anthony Hamilton ).

“CARL WEBER’S INFLUENCE” is directed by Trey Haley and produced by Tri Destined Studios as well as Urban Books Media. Nikaya D. Brown Jones, Carl Weber, Gregory Anderson, Veronica Nichols, Lorisa Bates, John Baldasare and Courtney Elder are also producers. Grammy award-winning producer Rico Love is the music supervisor and producer of all the original music for “CARL WEBER’S INFLUENCE.”


Roger Guenveur Smith plays… BRADLEY HUDSON:

Sharp and poised, Bradley is the patriarch and managing partner at Hudson and Hudson, a family-run law firm. Known for being a shark in the courtroom, Bradley is a modern-day Johnny Cochran, who is feared by all in his profession.

Deborah Cox plays… SAVANNAH:

She’s a five-time Grammy Award-winning artist, married to her own personal Prince Charming in rapper, turned blockbuster movie superstar Kyle Kirby. Pure and simple… she’s got it all, or does she?

Kellita Smith plays… CARLA HUDSON:

The gorgeous and sexy wife of Mr. Bradley Hudson. She’s not a lawyer, but is just as valuable as any of the lawyers in the firm as Hudson and Hudson’s office manager and jury consultant. She’s the heartbeat of the firm.

Todd Anthony plays… LAMONT HUDSON:

Bradley Hudson’s handsome oldest son and quite the attorney in his own right. His charm and charisma can mesmerize a courtroom and has been known to sway a judge and confuse a jury. He’s ambitious, but known to be weak when it comes to women.

Drew Sidora plays… DESIREE HUDSON:

Bradley’s lovely and stylish daughter. She has only been a lawyer a few years but her passion for progressive causes and woman’s rights make her a formable opponent. Unlike her father and brother, she’s not in law for the money, but to fight injustice, or so she says.

Gary Dourdan plays… PERK:

A handsome, smooth and masculine private detective who works exclusively for Hudson and Hudson. A former cop, he’s Bradley’s ears and eyes in the streets. If there’s information to be found, he will find it.

Columbus Short plays… BILLY KING:

Slightly hood and extremely arrogant manager of Savannah. He also is an ex-client of Bradley Hudson.

Nadine Ellis plays… TERESA GRAHAM:

Assistant District Attorney who will do anything to win.

Bebe Drake plays… CATHY KIRBY:

Kyle Kirby’s caring and protective mother.

Anthony Hamilton plays… KYLE KIRBY:

Savannah’s rapper/movie star husband and Cathy Kirby’s baby boy.

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