Bella Shmurda teams up with Bloody Civilian for ‘1999’

Bella Shmurda, one of Nigeria’s hottest Afropop sensations, has teamed up with rising star Bloody Civilian for a powerful new track titled “1999.” This collaboration is part of Shmurda’s latest EP, R2 Sept 12, a deeply introspective project born out of personal tragedy and resilience, according to a statement.

Shmurda first captured the nation’s attention in 2019 with the Olamide-assisted remix of his single “Vision 2020,” a raw depiction of societal struggles and the hope for a brighter future. His debut EP, High Tension, further cemented his status as a major player in the Afropop scene, earning critical acclaim for its authentic storytelling and vibrant sound.

R2 Sept 12 represents a poignant new direction for Bella Shmurda, reflecting on the grief and self-exploration that followed the loss of his close friend, Mohbad, on September 12th. This personal milestone has profoundly influenced the themes and emotions of the EP.

“1999” stands out as a testament to the spirit of perseverance. In this track, Bella Shmurda and Bloody Civilian exchange verses about their shared experiences of hardship, from financial struggles to the daily grind of navigating public transportation. The accompanying music video vividly portrays these themes, offering a glimpse into their lives and the realities they have overcome.

Bella Shmurda shared his thoughts on the collaboration, highlighting the chemistry and mutual understanding he shares with Bloody Civilian. Despite the adversity detailed in “1999,” the song ultimately serves as a celebration of their achievements and the journeys that brought them here.

Listeners can stream “1999” and the entire R2 Sept 12 EP here.

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