Baby born at Mettallica concert in Brazil

Metallica have shared details of the birth of Luan Figueiró who was born at the band’s gig at the Couto Pereira stadium in Brazil’s southern state of Parana with their 8.2 million followers on the band’s Instagram Stories.

Joice M Figueiró, newborn’s mum, who says she bought tickets to the show three years ago, said she was 39 weeks pregnant and sitting in a special area for the show when her contractions began during Metallica’s set.

The child, she adds, was born to the sound of “Enter Sandman”.

With just three songs left to go, the plan was to take her to hospital by ambulance – but “there was no more time”, according to a Sky report.

Sharing the news in posts written in both Portuguese and English on Instagram, Ms Figueiró says her son was “born right there” in the stadium as the band’s biggest hit, “Enter Sandman”, played.

“I’m great physically and trying to understand how this happened,” she writes. “Thank you for everyone’s love and concern.”

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