Amber Rose says Kanye West owes her $20m

Amber Rose, known for her outspoken nature and past relationship with Kanye West, is back in the spotlight with revelations about her involvement in Kanye’s iconic album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, per

In an exclusive interview with Jason Lee, Amber disclosed her significant contributions to the album during her romantic entanglement with Kanye in 2009. She claims to have played a crucial role in shaping the album’s direction through late-night brainstorming sessions and providing creative input.

Now, a decade later, Amber is demanding recognition and a hefty $20 million in compensation for her behind-the-scenes work. She asserts that her influence went beyond mere inspiration, impacting song lyrics, album artwork and the overall vibe of the project.

Amber Rose     Image:VidCon Anaheim 2023 / Unique Nicole/GettyImages

Kanye West has yet to respond to these claims, regardless, Amber Rose’s impact on hip-hop and the acknowledgment of artistes’ hidden contributions in the music industry have become hot topics, sparking debates about artistic collaboration and recognition.

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