Alton Mason & Amarachi Nwosu Debut Their Short Film “Rise In Light.”

It is an undeniable fact that people around the world are dealing with the crushing effects of coronavirus. Though some might have it easier than others but those living in developing countries will most likely be the hardest hit.

In Lagos’ sprawling slums, families are struggling to make ends meet as the government imposed curfews, closed markets, and shut down schools, despite kids not having the ability to participate in virtual classes thanks to a lack of affordable internet or gadgets.

In response to this, top American model Alton Mason in partnership with Melanin Unscripted founder Amarachi Nwosu, and filmmaker Soof Light, has come together to debut a short, uplifting, coming-of-age film titled “Rise In Light“, which seeks to raise awareness and funds for those most in need.

Also serving as an introduction to the model’s first single “Gimme Gimme”, the film follows him as he makes his way through the Lagos’s vibrant streets, before heading to the beach at dusk. There, he is seen dancing in the shimmering, shallow waves with young members of local dance troupe Dayours.

Speaking on the project, Alton wrote on his Instagram:

This season has humbled & made us realize how a health crisis can affect our world; however many communities have been suffering from a crisis like this for generations. –
the intentions of this video are purely to create something that could be of help right now. –

our collaborative film evolved into an effort to shape creativity towards service, regardless of how small or large. the #RiseinLight impact campaign aims to raise $10,000, feeding 300+ families for a month. –

providing sustainability for the @KhanfoundationNG and their ongoing efforts towards children’s education and now relief towards COVID-19, partnered with @melaninunscripted. – “Rise in Light” is a call for change, evidence of freedom and the expression of love and joy.
Created to inspire, uplift, and bring awareness to the communities in Lagos being affected by this pandemic.

Text excluding title courtesy Bellanaija

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