Ake Festival Announces quirky creatives, FOKN Bois on the line-up of performances

What does an award-winning eccentric music duo have to do with a renowned book festival?

We are a bit uncertain ourselves.

Yet the Ake festival twitter account tweeted a few hours ago that music outliers, FOKN Bois will be at the Ake festival concert on the 25th of October 2019.

Quirky creatives FOKN Bois, aka M3NSA and Wanlov the Kubolor, who gave the world the first Pidgen Musical, “Coz Ov Moni” (Because Of Money) and it’s sequel “FOKN Revenge”, are the most celebrated band in the world due to their most unconventional way of entertaining with ingeniously tasteful shock lyrics, revolutionary performance art, & indulgent progressive sonics.

Their live setup boasts of an additional member Andras Weil who plays keys and directs their live performances. The grand yet undeniable misnomer, Afrobeats, never sat well with the FOKN Bois. Not to mention the general themes of superficiality and objectification. So the FOKN Bois decided to put a spin on things and now we are laughing with them on their new 7-Track EP “Afrobeats LOL”.

We can’t wait to see them perform at the Ake Festival next month!

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