Ajebo Hustlers speaks for self-belief and determination in new song ‘You Go Know’

Ajebo Hustlers has released a new single titled “You Go Know”. 

Produced by Marlie Chunes, the track by Afro-urban contemporary music duo from Port Harcourt, Nigeria, offers a blend of Afrobeats and pop, showcasing the duo’s signature style of vibrant energy and catchy melodies.

“You Go Know” is an upbeat track that offers hope to the hopeless, inspiring listeners to believe in themselves and keep pushing forward despite the odds. The chorus emphasises self-belief, making it a powerful anthem for anyone who feels underrated, defeated or not appreciated enough.

With “You Go Know,” Ajebo Hustlers have once again displayed their A-game, delivering a song that is sure to make heads move and feet tap. The track is an excellent representation of the duo’s musical style, which has quickly made them one of Nigeria’s favourite talents over the past 4 years.

Ajebo Hustlers, consisting of rapper George Dandeson aka Knowledge, and singer Isaiah Precious aka Piego, both from Garden City, has already gained critical acclaim with their debut album, Kpos Lifestyle Vol. 1, and follow-up EP, “Bad Boy Etiquette 101.”

“We are thrilled to release ‘You Go Know’,” said Ajebo Hustlers. “This song is a reflection of our journey and the challenges we have overcome. We hope that it inspires our fans to stay positive and keep fighting for their dreams.”

Ajebo Hustlers’ latest single, “You Go Know,” is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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