Aisé Maryah: Unmistakable voice of a rising pop minstrel

News out of Maiduguri in Borno State, Nigeria is often dismal but not anymore with the unique voice of Aisé Maryah, who describes herself as a rising pop minstrel, singer-songwriter from the North-eastern state. The young lady just put out a new R&B song titled “Close to Me”, which is now streaming on music platforms.  

The 19-year-old is synonymous with good music, even if she says so herself. Indeed, this new song, which comes eight months after the successful release of her debut EP, Juvenile, further shows the range of her artistry in delivering different genres of music from Pop to R&B and Afrobeats.

Produced by Ill Jackz, a talented and versatile music producer from the city of Jos, Plateau State, “Close to Me” is a R&B/Hip Hop melodious record with the themes of love and romance.

Since bursting onto the scene with her debut single “Fool For U” on 1st July, 2021 followed shortly by the release of her sophomore single “Wish” in September of the same year, the singer has been scaling enviable heights. 

Born Sandra Samson, Aisé Maryah has always had her heart on the Nigerian music scene. After just completing her secondary school education, she began to make melodies and upload them onto her Instagram feed, garnering a cult-following of music lovers in spite of the reality of her restive environment. But every new song shows that she is no different from the singers who grew up in calmer climes, pushing her discography with clear-eyed diversity, groove and passion.

Experimenting on new sounds/genres of music and collaborating with amazing emerging music producers songwriters from Bauchi State & Jos City, Aise Maryah in October 2022 released her debut EP titled Juvenile, positioning her as a fast rising artiste from the region with a refreshing and expansive soundscape.

In the last one year of nurturing her fanbase in the industry, she has garnered an enviable following while her music has been exposed to a wider audience via sync placements with The Naked Convo (TNC). an African TV/movie production company. TNC Africa has featured Aisé Maryah’s first official “Fool for U” in two of its YouTube web series: Our Best Friend’s Wedding (Season 2 Episode 1) and Little Black Box (Season 2 Episode 7).

“The most interesting about her, is the region she hails from: the North-eastern part of Nigeria is largely made of conservative Muslims and not many would expect a wide-eyed girl from that axis to venture into secular music,” writes Jerry Chiemeke, the Editor-In-Chief, Afrocritik in his review of Aisé Maryah’s debut. 

“The talented teenager hoping to carve a niche as a Nigerian indie pop artiste,” he goes on to describe the singer.

Aisé Maryah on social media: @aisemaryah


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