AFRICA SOFT POWER SERIES Hosts Virtual Conversations With Stakeholders Passionate About The African Creative Sector

The Africa Soft Power Series is the first of its kind virtual convening of industry thought leaders from across the
globe passionate about Africa. The series is scheduled to hold from 12th August to 29th August 2020.

The Africa Soft Power Series is a virtual summit bringing together some of the most prominent thought leaders and pioneers, focused and passionate about Africa.

With so many negative stories about Africa, the theme, ‘Creative Power: Content, Culture and Platforms’ sets the stage for crucial dialogues on how Africa can harness its soft power effectively, to advance strategic interests and shape global conversations.

As the world’s last large, underdeveloped market, the importance of the creative and knowledge industries takes on added significance when we consider that the continent will be home to more than a third of the world’s population and half of the world’s youth by 2100. In addition, current global affairs underscore that the struggles of African-Americans and people of African heritage are equally the continent’s struggle. Africa must ensure that its creative, technological and cultural assets translate into tangible engines of social and economic growth for all its people.

Introduction, Discussion, Q&A
Session 1

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