Adekunle Gold set to ignite Kings Theatre in Brooklyn

Adekunle Gold, the Nigerian music sensation, is set to light up Kings Theatre with his vibrant beats and melodies on September 29, marking the rising influence of Afrobeats in Brooklyn and beyond. His latest album, Tequila Ever After, released in July, features collaborations with Pharrell, Nile Rodgers and Coco Jones, showcasing his versatility with smooth vocals and diverse beats.

In an interview with Brooklyn Magazine, Adekunle Gold shared his vision for the album. He aimed for a happy and lighthearted experience, mirroring tequila-fuelled conversations with friends, resulting in a cohesive yet diverse collection of songs. He emphasised that the album’s evolution was a natural consequence of personal growth and diverse experiences.

Adekunle Gold’s commitment to experimentation and live performance was evident as he expressed his desire for his music to feel alive, featuring live bass, drums and guitar. He credits the support of fans and the growing Afrobeats movement for allowing artists like himself to perform in arenas like Kings Theatre and the Barclays Center.

Reflecting on his journey, Adekunle Gold acknowledged the steady growth of his career and hinted at an upcoming album that promises to reveal a different side of his artistry. With anticipation building, he invited fans to witness his biggest New York show to date, promising an unforgettable experience at Kings Theatre.

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