Abbey Ojomu shares “Dry Bones,” infusing hope and restoration through music

Abbey Ojomu, also known as Ojomu Abiodun Wosilat, unveils her latest single, “Dry Bones,” a musical journey steeped in hope and restoration in a powerful testament to faith and resilience. Emerging as a beacon of inspiration, Abbey Ojomu’s multifaceted identity as an accomplished artiste, convener of the Glory of God Conference and founder of QAVAH shines through her purpose-driven music.

Born into a Muslim family in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos, Abbey’s transformative encounter with the divine in 2010 ignited a profound spiritual awakening, leading her on a life-altering journey. With an unwavering mandate to spread the gospel globally, Abbey Ojomu channels her passion into touching hearts and souls through her music.

“Dry Bones” serves as a heartfelt offering to the Maker, drawing inspiration from Ezekiel 37:1-10. Abbey Ojomu’s soul-stirring vocals, accompanied by celestial harmonies, transcend earthly boundaries, creating an ethereal atmosphere of faith and renewal. The song resonates with weary hearts, offering a poignant reminder that restoration is attainable even in the most desolate moments.

Through her music, Abbey Ojomu seeks to ignite hearts with faith, issuing a compelling call to embrace the transformative power of Christ. With “Dry Bones,” she embarks on a mission to uplift spirits and instill a profound sense of hope in listeners worldwide.

Abbey Ojomu. Image: Courtesy artiste

Join Abbey Ojomu on her transformative journey and experience the transcendent power of “Dry Bones.”

Listen to “Dry Bones” here and follow Abbey Ojomu on Instagram & X.

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