A Note from the Editors: Brymo’s outrage and a beautiful week at thelagosreview.

Last week, we published a review of Brymo’s latest album, Yellow, in thelagosreview.

It was written by our co-founder, Dami Ajayi, who has over 300 music reviews under his belt and whose works have appeared in Chimurenga, GuardianUK. The Elephant, ThisisAfrica, MusicinAfrica, Sabinews.com, Olisatv, ThisisLagos. He is also an award winning poet.

Brymo, whose 5th studio album, Oso, received a very favourable review from the same author, took umbrage and in a tweet, described the review as “shitty.”

Since that comment, a horde of Brymo-philes have descended on Dami Ajayi as well as on our inbox with shocking insults, wild insinuations and ridiculous innuendos.

Brymo’s outrage and the rabid nature of his supporter’s assault is nothing short of censorship and an attempt to muzzle the media. And we at thelagosreview are surprised that writers have been quiet, mostly.

Brymo may not be a Governor’s son or a Governor’s wife but he is a star musician, a celebrity with a legion of fans and that changes the equation and power dynamics. He has the star wattage to wage a campaign of calumny on thelagosreview and do damage.

But we are not fazed.

And to prove it, we are dedicating this Sunday to a slew of reviews and comments on Brymo’s Yellow. Why? Because thelagosreview was set up to facilitate the ventilation of opinions which is why we do not publish fiction or poetry. Our focus is on opinion. We want to publish radical thoughts that offer fresh perspectives and unique insights.

Our raison d’etre is captured eloquently in our mission statement – At The Lagos Review, we believe that a review is the first critical engagement with a work of art, books, movies, music, plays etc. It helps shape opinion, excite conversation, and push engagement.

We are happy to be shaping opinion, to be exciting conversation and pushing engagement around and for Brymo’s new Album, Yellow, because at the end of the day what becomes patently obvious is that there is nothing like “NEGATIVE” review.

It is just a review.

Brymo is streaming numbers while thelagosreview is getting increased traffic and our readers are being entertained. It’s a win-win for all, so stop the insults.

Today we shall publish a diatribe from a writer, who, lacking the courage to show his/her face, chose to be anonymous. It was sent as a comment which the writer believed we would not approve. We have gone one step further, we are publishing the rude and uncouth email in full because we are here to provide a platform for all shades of opinion.

Seven months into the life of thelagosreview it has become clear that love us or hate us you cannot IGNORE us.

Stay safe.

–The Editors.

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