A night of tributes for Jimi Solanke at Freedom Park

Preparations are underway for a night to honour the life and legacy of the late Sir Jimi Solanke, affectionately known as Baba Agba, at Freedom Park, Broad Street, Lagos.

According to a statement, with his passing on February 5th, 2024, Nigeria lost not just a musician but a multifaceted artiste, whose influence spanned decades and continents.

Baba Agba was more than a performer; he was a storyteller, actor, dancer, playwright and visual artist whose talents transcended boundaries. 

From humble beginnings in Lagos to international acclaim in the United Kingdom and the United States, his journey left an indelible mark on the cultural landscape, inspiring generations of artistes and admirers alike.

For the past 12 years, said the statement, Freedom Park had the honour of hosting Baba Agba, where he found a second home among fellow artistes, friends and mentees. It is in recognition of his immense impact on the arts and culture scene that Freedom Park is set to host a night of celebration and remembrance in his honour.

Dubbed “A Night of Tributes and Celebrations,” the event promises an enchanting evening filled with music, performances and heartfelt tributes dedicated to the late icon. Scheduled for April 1st, 2024, starting at 6 pm, at Freedom Park, Broad Street, (opposite General Hospital) Lagos, this gathering aims to honour Baba Agba’s legacy and contributions to the artistic landscape of Nigeria.

The invitation extends to all who have been touched by Baba Agba’s work and spirit, inviting them to join in commemorating his life and achievements. The event organisers, led by Theo Lawson on behalf of Freedom Park, eagerly anticipate the presence of distinguished guests and art enthusiasts alike, as they come together to pay homage to a true maestro of Nigerian arts.

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