A Good Friday with Òsùmàrè Album Release by Okwei Odili and her band Aweto.

Okwei Odili and her band Aweto release her new album Òsùmàrè, in honor of African ancestry between Bahia and Nigeria.
Òsùmàrè is a tribute to the (Yoruba) African deity of movement, vibration, hope and life. This album has 10 songs by Okwei full of love, soul, hope and calls for solidarity in human, feminine and politics- both of governance and the environment.

The potent groove of the artist and the band’s melodies are guaranteed to make audiences dance, feel and be thrilled. Òsùmàrè will be released on April 2. 2021.

Òsùmàrè is the pure translation of world music bringing influences from African music, HipHop and Brazilian rhythms like Maracatu, Baião, Ijexá and Bossa Nova. This album was recorded with Aweto band from Bahia with special participations of Brazilian and Nigerian musicians. The lyrics are strong and the words go through the melody making the listener immerse in Okwei´s voice and soul.

Around the world minorities are fighting for their rights and Okwei gives them a voice using her musical ancestry in Òsùmàrè. Nigerian rap pioneer Blaise joins Okwei on the song ‘Show your Color’, an intense hit. Together, Okwei and Blaise give voice to Nigeria’s pain, struggle and hope, but also to Brazilian people and many others around the world. In the strong, deep and rhythmic song ‘Soweto’ João Teoria from Ska group- Skanibais makes a special appearance.

‘Tinini Tanana’ is a sincere and powerful tribute to South African activist Steve Biko, founder of the Black Consciousness Movement.
As only a real natural artist does, Okwei switches from protest to love with lightness, joy and a lot of rhythm. In ‘If you love me’, Anderson do Samba takes on the percussion setting the pace for this romantic ballad and in ‘Fool for you’ Suya Nascimento skillfully plays her guitar as Okwei drives lovers, who will also like ‘The way you lie’ and the remix of ‘A Lua’, the only song in Portuguese on this album. The romantic reggae ‘Hide and seek’ is a catchy song and has Carla Suzart on bass. ‘Odoyewu’, which means my love in the Twi language (Ghana), will make you soar.

‘Chop your Moni Go’ has the participation of the Nigerian pianist Funsho Ogundipe and will make many people dance with this fusion of Bahia and Nigeria.
“Movement is necessary!”, says Okwei Odili. According to Okwei, “Òsùmàrè promises to stir up hearts and minds”. Okwei first visited Brazil in 2013, through a scholarship from UNESCO to do an artistic research at Instituto Sacatar and in 2016, Aweto was formed.

Òsùmàrè is a look beyond the Atlantic and to Africa´s memories of resilience, natural beauty and courage as a people

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