9 songs out this week worth a listen

ONErpm has released a sneak peek into an electrifying week of music releases from some of the hottest talents hailing from Nigeria and Ghana. As music lovers gear up for an auditory feast, let’s dive into the rhythmic wave of beats that will hit the airwaves this week.

January 25: The Rising Stars

DopeNation kicks off the week with “Jakpa,” an Afropop anthem that serves as a poignant ode to those seeking new horizons. Meanwhile, Toby Grey steps into the limelight with “Manifest,” an uplifting Afropop track manifesting happiness, success, love and laughter. The dynamic duo DJ Adwoa & Kweku Flick, joined by Amerado, deliver a hard-hitting dose of Hip Hop/Rap with “Zongo,” showcasing the vibrant asakaa sound.

January 26: Hearts and Beats in Harmony

As the week progresses, the rising stars continue to shine. Wondah & Kemuel present “Stay,” an Afropop melody where Kemuel wears his heart on his sleeve, singing as if crafting a love letter. Efya, an established force from Ghana, blesses us with “My Helper (Oluwa),” expressing gratitude for divine guidance. Meanwhile, Graham BMG serenades with “Felony,” blending R&B and Pop to captivate listeners. Joshua Adere adds to the romantic ambiance with “Fire,” expressing sheer mesmerisation with his lover. The optimism continues with Delly Black feat. TMD’s “Chop Life,” echoing positive vibes into 2024.


Benita, a gospel sensation from Nigeria, takes us to spiritual heights with the remix of “Ayo.” Having gained attention at the tender age of 10 with “Osemudiamen,” Benita’s latest single offers praise to the maker.

As the beats of Africa echo across the globe, music lovers can look forward to a week brimming with musical diversity and talent, thanks to the vibrant sounds emanating from Nigeria and Ghana. Let the music play, and let the rhythms resonate far and wide.


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