6 reasons why every Naija millennial must watch Kpali the movie

Christmas season is fun season and the fun begins on December 20 with the wide cinematic release of the Emem Ema produced movie, Kpali. Set in Nigeria and London, the movie which stars Ini Dima-Okojie in the lead role as Amaka, Nkem “Osuofia” Owoh, Gloria Anozie-Young, Linda Ejiofor-Suleiman and Kunle Remi amongst others is a romantic comedy with disparate narrative strands. Directed by Ladi Johnson, Kpali is crisp and fast-paced. Just a few days to opening day, we give you 6 reasons why every naija millennial must make a date to see Kpali this yuletide as it hits the cinemas on December 20.

  1. Amaka is young, single and stressed out. Sounds like the typical millennial, abi? And that’s reason why you need to see this movie which is not just relatable but very realistic in its interpretation of millennial angst.
  2. Are your parents on your case to get married? Are they hooking you up with dates who are just so bleh? Are you wondering why your parents think that at 26 you can’t jolly well find yourself a man or woman instead of trying to pair you up with their friends children? If this sounds familiar or is your reality then you have to watch Kpali to see how Amaka navigates this very touchy topic.
  3. Do you love rom-coms, you know those mushy and schmaltzy laugh-out-loud comedies that thrive on double entendres and miscommunications and mistaken identities then Kpali is for you. Amaka arrives Nigeria with her white male colleague in tow and her parents mistake him for her boo. And thus begins the comedy of errors.
  4. Are you an IJGB? Did you just come back to Nigeria after years studying and living abroad or maybe you are a 20 something year old Nigerian visiting home and family this Christmas. Well, go see Kpali and then compare notes. Is this lovely and infuriating country called Nigeria really where you want to come back to? When there is Canada, lol. Oya, go and watch.
  5. Are you a career minded millennial? Are you so gung ho about work you seldom make out time for anything else? Are you finding it difficult to locate the BALANCE in Work/Life balance, then this is the movie for you. See Kpali and learn a thing or two from how Amaka navigates the craggy geography of work and life.
  6. And finally, do you like mystery? Do you like watching people butt heads and sweat buckets trying to make a choice? Well, Kpali has lots to show you in that department as it riffs on a love triangle. Who gets the girl? Well you just have to watch this engaging moving to find out.

Kpali is in theatres from Friday December 20,  2019

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