2021 Lagos Fringe returns with festival-worthy line up

Lagos Fringe 2021 is gearing up for a hybrid multidisciplinary arts experience again this year to engage participants, arts lovers, enthusiasts, international and local audience.

Holding from November 23 – 28, the learning programme and workshops include; Mobile Phone Cinematography, Grant Writing, Editing, Movement & Dance, Music Business & Production, Arts & Craft as well as the highly anticipated Actors Bootcamp. There will also be  curated plays, some networking events and an Alternative Music Concert. The learning programme is in partnership with the Women in the Arts, Brighton Fringe and proudly supported by GIZ NG, Nigerian-German Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration.

“I am excited that we are going at it again like we’ve done for the past eight years with festivals. There will be music as always, vendors market, Film screenings and games. We have developed a very strong relationship with the visual arts community in the past years and this year we will see more exhibitions at the festival. Urban Flo UK, 5and10kraftzone Nigeria, Theo Lawson, Emma Umoren and a host of many others will be showing some of their creative pieces as well as engaging with new voices. Our film programme that we developed as ‘Nollywood Yesterday’ where we screen films from the early days of the cinema industry in Nigeria and also a platform that engages with master film-makers, will take centre stage again this year. It’s even more interesting that we will just be coming off the back of “AFRIFF at 10” celebration and LABAF so it will be a great potpourri of conversation and memories,” said Kenneth Uphopho, festival director.

Now in its fourth year, the theme of this year’s fringe festival is “Unconventional” with a programme that is being carefully curated with the intention to reflect the times. Though the events will be reduced this year, there will still be opportunities for networking, creative collaborations, lots of learning and fun activities.

Freedom Park is still the Festival hub for this year’s fringe and a major partner for the Lagos Fringe Festival.

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