2019 Carthage Film Festival; ‘The Delivery Boy’ to represent Nigeria

‘The Delivery Boy’, a Nollywood thriller directed by Adekunle Adejuyigbe, has been chosen to represent Nigeria at the Carthage Film Festival (CFF) in Tunisia.

CFF, which was created in 1966, is acclaimed as the “oldest event of its kind still active in Africa, awards the Golden Tanit, its main prize named after Tanit, the Phoenician goddess”.

Adejuyigbe, took to his Instagram to disclose the movies’s selection as a part of the ongoing festival’s focus on “Nigerian Cinema” while expressing his gratitude for being selected as a representative of the movement.

He posted the following message about the new development:

“There is something powerful brewing in the Nigerian film industry. Everyone knows this. In recognition of this fact, the prestigious Carthage Film Festival in Tunisia has created a segment of the festival titled ‘Focus on Nigerian Cinema’,” he wrote.

The intent is to spotlight the new processes, structures and people behind the new, bold, original and internationally relevant films emerging from this region.

“I have been selected as a representative of this new movement. So, I am looking forward to the conversations, the meetings and the endless possibilities this platform brings.

Make sure you stop by at the festival to watch ‘The Delivery Boy’ and to say Hello. Thanks to The Carthage film festival for this honour.”

‘The Delivery Boy’ snagged the ‘Beat Achievement in Visual Effects’ award at the 2019 African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA).

The film, which earned 12 AMAA nominations, follows the story of a runaway teenage suicide bomber (Jammal Ibrahim) and his newfound ally, a young prostitute (Jemima Osunde) who must rely on each other to survive the night.

They search for answers to situations that made them who they are. They are both running out of time and soon realize they need each other to achieve their goals.

The film has screened around the world in various festivals including the 25th New York African Film Festival, Lights, Camera, Action Film Festival and Nollywood Week Paris.

‘The Delivery Boy’ also screened at Jagran International Film Festival, Lake International Pan African Film Festival, and Real-Time International Film Festival — winning the ‘Best Nigerian Film’ category at the 2018 AFRIFF Globe Awards.

Source: The Cable Lifestyle
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