1Da Banton’s “1Da Shall Never End” EP dazzles with youthful energy and heartfelt lyrics

Emerging from the rhythms of Port Harcourt, Nigerian artiste 1Da Banton has spent nearly a decade in the music industry, honing his craft as a songwriter, producer and an exceptional artiste.

With his unique, captivating sound and style, 1da Banton has captured the hearts of music lovers across Nigeria and beyond. Now, with a solid reputation as an accomplished musician, 1Da Banton is geared up to release his latest project – The EP titled 1Da Shall Never End.

Through his artistry, 1Da Banton demonstrates a deep understanding of the human experience and a commitment to creating music that speaks to the average person. The project is filled with melodies and candid insights into the complexities of love, unrequited love, lust, and the hopeful exuberance of youth.

Each track on the EP is designed to inspire and uplift the listener, offering a unique perspective into the personal experiences of the artist, as well as insights into the issues that resonate with audiences today. 1Da Shall Never End is a testament to the timeless quality of great music, and 1Da Banton’s ability to craft compelling compositions that are both poignant and unforgettable.

In the midst of unprecedented challenges, 1Da Banton’s 1Da Shall Never End offers a much-needed respite and a reminder of the transformative power of music.

Whether you’re in search of inspiration, hope, or simply a break from the chaos of life, this introspective EP is sure to leave a lasting impression. So, press play and join 1da Banton on an unforgettable musical journey and experience the beauty of art in its purest form.

Omotola”, produced by 255, narrates a tale of unrequited love, which is as old as time, is told over a catchy beat and a hum-along melody.“She dey play me o, she dey play like a footballer, she dey whine me o, she dey whine like cassette” he sings like he is in the company of friends, drinking and taking turns to share stories.

“No Love In Lagos,” also produced by 255, shares 1Da Banton’s love-hate relationship with Lagos, as he celebrates the allure and loathes the false relationships for material gains. “Money dey, Shayo dey, party dey for Lagos, Ashxna dey, Fagbo dey, everything dey for Lagos o, But love e no dey, e no dey for Lagos,” he sings.

Nibolowa,” produced by Pimpzbeat, is a tale of a failed promise in which 1da gives a narrative description from the verse to the adlibs, singing“Where you don reach? Make I talk to the bike guy”.

“Ego,” also produced by Pimpzbeat, the singer showers his love interest with compliments on this Afropop-inducing production.

In “Family,” produced by BNGRZ,  1Da takes the listener back to the simpler times with his love interest, he celebrates his love interest and the fact that she saw beyond the material gains that he could provide.

“Call Jehova,” produced by Rugged, sees 1da stepping away from the love and lust theme of earlier tracks; he shares a motivational record, encouraging the listener to call on God. His cadence makes it easier for the message to sink with the production drawing you in from the very beginning, it’ll be a challenge not to heed this message.

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