1da Banton drops uplifting video for “Call Jehova”

1da Banton has raised inspiration many notches high with his latest music video for his blistering new single “Call Jehova.” The highly anticipated visual masterpiece, which has garnered over 10,000 views less than 24 hours after release, tackles the everyday struggles faced by Nigerians with a message of hope and guidance.

That message is clearly a universal one people who have challenges can relate to everywhere in the world.

Directed by the talented Adasa Cookey, the nearly three-minute long video opens with a lone wail from an individual and moves to what looks like a burning funeral pyre surrounded by mourners evident of a tragedy. It however brings to life the power of perseverance and determination through emotive storytelling and breathtaking imagery.

The video not only paints a clear picture of who to call when in trouble, it also makes it believable that there’s an answer at the other end. 

In “Call Jehova,” 1da Banton offers encouragement in the search for strength and guidance in the Lord, particularly in times of adversity. 

The song is a powerful tribute to the unbreakable spirit of the Nigerian people and serves as a reminder that with faith, nothing is impossible.

But “Call Jehova” is more than just a song, it’s a message of hope and inspiration for all. With its powerful lyrics and visually stunning video, 1da Banton hopes to uplift and encourage viewers to find the courage to overcome their struggles and focus on their dreams.

Immerse yourself in the power of “Call Jehova” on all major music platforms and be filled with hope as your soul is lifted. 

Listen to “Call Jehova”

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