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Movie Reviews

With almost 1,000 book, music, movie, and sundry reviews and essays published over the past four (4) years, we remain resolute in our belief that reviews offer us the first critical engagement with a work of art, books, movies, music, plays etc, because they help shape opinion, excite conversation, and push engagement.As we enter our 5th year, we remain committed to providing a unique space for interrogating our literary and artistic output and providing a handle for the audience and those in the academia to assess these works of literature and art.
Movies transport us through visuals, dialogue and action. This year, we had some stand-out moments in the Nigerian movie industry which continues to grow and reach new audiences enabled by streaming platforms. The Black Book and Jagun Jagun made streaming...


Music Reviews

Illbliss's new album, Sideh Kai, is the latest of half a dozen projects put out by the prolific rapper in the past ten years. His two earliest albums were released well past a decade ago. As an artist who has put out so many projects, and whose art has been elaborately illustrated, Illbliss has consistently shown the stuff he is made of and he has continuously told his story.


Book Reviews

As the title suggests, Osezua’a book chronicles the history of the bride of the hydrocarbons from its very beginning, his role in it and early enthusiasm shown towards a workable national gas policy, the consequences of not tapping into it early enough, the crude politics and power play involved, the betrayals and in-fighting among the big players in the sector.

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