Esquire lists 50 Best Movies About Sex

Sex piques the interest of a lot of people and when that is paired with films, that is on another level. This must be why The Esquire Editors list of 50 Best Movies About Sex is getting a lot of attention. 

According to the outlet, from Oscar winners to comedy romps, the films explore the range of cinematic sexuality.

The magazine goes on to state that sex is both one of life’s greatest mysteries and one of its greatest sources of comedy as people have spent their lives trying to understand it, perfect it, or even just get it. 

“It’s an art form older than time itself, let alone the medium of film. Though censorship codes tried their best to separate couples into two twin beds, it didn’t stop silent movie stars like Buster Keaton from busting his ass on screen for laughs just to get the love interest to look in his direction. Eventually, Hollywood wizened up and realised that sex was as normal as it was necessary to depict on film. For what is art without passion?”

Continuing, it adds “now, you can make a Cannes Film Festival-winning picture like Titane about boning a car. Ah, the movies. Whether it’s the yearning passion of Call Me By Your Name, the forbidden love of In the Mood for Love, or the silly, teenage fantasies of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, there’s a reason film continues to turn to one of humanity’s most fascinating desires. Sex sells, and that’s why we’ve found 50 of our favorite movies about where the magic happens”.

On the list are X, a slasher movie about a ’70s porn set; Phantom Thread, which features the intimacy between Daniel Day-Lewis’s haute couture designer and his perfect muse (Vicky Krieps). There is also Velvet Buzzsaw, starring Jake Gyllenhaal about a supernatural force that comes for those in the art world whose desire for more has overtaken their appreciation of art; Magic Mike following an adult entertainer who takes a newcomer under his wing;


Call Me By Your Name featuring Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer about a teenage boy who falls in love with his father’s apprentice.

The other movies on the list are Hustlers, The Favourite, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Rocketman, Malcolm & Marie, The Handmaiden, The To-Do List, The Shape of Water, The Lighthouse, Moonlight and  Wet Hot American Summer.

See the rest of the films below:

Good Luck Chuck


Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Bull Durham

Love and Basketball

Eyes Wide Shut

Blue Valentine



Boogie Nights

Cruel Intentions

Wild Things

9 Songs



Body Heat



The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Fifty Shades of Grey

9 1/2 Weeks


Booty Call

Risky Business

Stranger by the Lake

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

American Pie

Y Tu Mamá También

Friends With Benefits

The 40-Year-Old Virgin


The Girl Next Door

Henry & June


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