Yinka Ilori unveils ‘Reflection in Numbers’ pavilion at HKW

Yinka Ilori has unveiled the ‘Reflection in Numbers’ pavilion at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) in Berlin, per dezeen.com. This installation is part of the HKW’s ‘Ballet of the Masses – on Football and Catharsis’ programme, aimed at provoking thought and discussion on the pervasive issue of racism in football, especially as Europe gears up for the Euro 2024 tournament.

The pavilion’s exterior features an innovative design of mirrors and perforated timber, incorporating calabashes, a significant element in West African culture. These mirrors are strategically placed to compel visitors to confront their own behaviours and attitudes, particularly in the high-emotion environments of sports stadiums.

“The idea of the mirrors is to make visitors reflect on their behaviours and interactions with others,” the British-Nigerian designer explained. “They are there to make it hard for people to hide if they’re shouting or swearing, like we often see on sporting grounds and in stadiums.”

Ilori’s design draws on the communal and spiritual aspects of football, underlining its potential to unite people. The calabashes symbolise peace, a theme that Ilori hopes will resonate with visitors and remind them of the importance of harmony and reflection in sports.

The pavilion, featuring a central seating area surrounded by mirrors and a vibrant green canopy, offers a space for contemplation and community engagement. It is open to the public from June 7, supported by the EURO 2024 Football & Culture Foundation and the German government.

Ilori’s recent works include a pop-up cognac bar at Selfridges and large-scale installations on The Line art walk in London, showcasing the artist’s ongoing commitment to creating spaces that inspire reflection and community spirit.

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