Yetunde shares an Afropop and R&B cross-cultural musical triumph in “Promise”

Manchester-based afropop and R&B sensation Yetunde has unleashed a cosmopolitan masterpiece with her latest single, “Promise.” Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria and raised in Liverpool, Yetunde seamlessly blends the vibrant spirit of her roots with the nuanced stylings of the UK music scene, creating a unique sonic experience.

The track kicks off with an infectious African-inspired chant, setting the stage for a musical journey that transcends borders. “Promise” is not just a love song; it’s a vibrant narrative capturing the exhilarating yet chaotic nature of new love while maintaining a sense of self. Yetunde’s artistry shines as she weaves universal emotions into her music, transforming ‘Promise’ into an immersive experience for listeners.

Yetunde shares her inspiration behind the track, saying: “It’s a song about falling hopelessly for someone while trying to keep both feet firmly on the ground! It’s fun and playful, reflecting that messy part of when you first meet someone and want to let go completely, but you also worry about the outcome.”

Yetunde’s musical journey reflects a fusion of her Nigerian heritage and British upbringing, drawing inspiration from legendary artists such as Fela Kuti, The Beatles, Wizkid, SZA, and Stevie Wonder. Her ability to traverse genres with ease, from pop and R&B to afrobeats and even country music, showcases a versatility that sets her apart in the music industry.

‘Promise’ serves not only as an introduction to Yetunde’s artistry but also as a bold statement about the evolving nature of afrobeats. Yetunde envisions the genre as an ever-expanding canvas ready to embrace new interpretations and sounds, with ‘Promise’ exemplifying her vision for its future.

As a British Nigerian artist, Yetunde’s music is a heartfelt dialogue between her inner thoughts and emotions, exploring themes of life, love, and longing with a subtly sensual touch. The melodic narrative unfolds against a backdrop of diverse genres, inviting listeners to embark on a journey through Yetunde’s introspective and emotive landscape.

With ‘Promise,’ Yetunde cements her place as a charismatic and ambitious artist poised to make a mark on the global music scene. Unafraid to break norms and showcase her raw, unfiltered talent, Yetunde is set to captivate audiences both in the studio and on stage, establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of afropop and R&B.

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