YAGAA presents musical tapestry in “Street Ornament” EP featuring industry icons

Success Ehirim, the musical dynamo known by the stage name YAGAA, has emerged from the vibrant city of Uli, leaving an indelible mark with his latest musical creation, Street Ornament. Drawing inspiration from Africa’s Hip Hop greats, Yagaa weaves a tapestry of soulful vocals and infectious hooks that resonate with the heart and soul.

Street Ornament, a multi-genre EP, showcases Yagaa’s collaborative prowess by featuring industry luminaries Aguero Banks, Salle, Zino, and Lil Sohu. The narrative unfolds through each track, inviting listeners into a world of harmonic wordplay that speaks to the core of resilience and self-discovery.

The journey begins with the ethereal ‘Designer,’ featuring the rising star Salle, setting the stage for an immersive musical experience. As the EP unfolds, it reaches its pinnacle with ‘Level Up,’ captivating audiences with tales of resilience and self-discovery intricately woven into the fabric of each composition.

Street Ornament is more than an EP; it is a musical odyssey inviting those in search of solace or a lift to their spirits. Press play and let YAGAA’s Street Ornament be your guide through a realm where resilience meets soulful harmony.

Listen to the EP here. For more updates, follow YAGAA on Instagram and X/Twitter


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