Why South African Folk Artist Jeremy Loops Is Pushing For International Collaborations

Jeremy Loops discusses his strategic moves towards global domination.
South African folk musician Jeremy Loops is an international star. He packs venues and performs in major festivals in Europe and other parts of the world. His music has millions of streams on Spotify.

Jeremy Loops’ domination started with the song “Down South” which he released in 2014 and appears on his debut album Trading Change, released in the same year. “Down South,” which featured the Cape Town-based rapper Motheo Moleko, topped most of the country’s radio stations in its prime.

“My aspiration was that ‘Down South’ was a number one South African hit,” recounts the musician during a Q&A session with Sheer Music Publishing founder David Alexander during the Midem African Forum held at Bridges for Music in Langa, Cape Town towards the end of February.

“It was just getting played everywhere and that was kind of as big as a song down my musical lane could get. But it didn’t touch sides anywhere else. Despite the fact that my team and I had a hit on our hands, we had no way to get that hit further than the South African borders really.”

Loops realized that that shortcoming was part of a big problem faced by many South African musicians. “There are amazing songs coming out of the South African market every day, but how many of those songs are going global?” he says. Loops then decided to try a different approach.

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Source: Okay Africa

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