Veecii unveils musical alchemy with the release of “Energy” EP

Victor Ukor, professionally known as VEECII, has once again captivated audiences with his latest masterpiece, the Energy EP. The renowned UK-based Nigerian music virtuoso, producer, singer-songwriter and multi-talented instrumentalist seamlessly navigates through Afrobeat, Soul, RnB, Alte and more, showcasing his musical prowess and innovative approach.

Building on the success of earlier hits like “Black Energy” and “Lose My Mind,” Veecii’s “Energy EP” is a six-track odyssey, taking listeners on a diverse sonic journey. Collaborations with emerging talents such as Kemuel, Zichy, Layzee Ella, The Majeek, and others add a dynamic layer to the EP.

Distinguished by its unique blend of genres, Veecii’s commitment to musical excellence shines through in this concise yet impactful collection, leaving fans eagerly anticipating more. As the world craves immersive experiences, Veecii’s “Energy” EP is now available on all major streaming platforms, inviting music enthusiasts to indulge in an unparalleled auditory adventure.


  1. Smile Ft. Kemuel (Prod By Veecii)
  2. Black Energy Ft. Layzee Ella, Syemca, Majeek (Prod By Veecii)
  3. Lose My Mind Ft. Zichy (Prod By Veecii)
  4. Focus Ft. Ceeside (Prod By Veecii)
  5. Gazo Ft. Zichy, Jacob Hunter (Prod By Veecii)
  6. All Over Me Ft. Laura Ehio, E-Series (Prod By Veecii)

For a sonic journey like no other, experience Veecii’s Energy EP, now available for streaming on all major platforms here

Connect with Veecii on Instagram and X (Twitter) for more updates on his musical ventures.


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