Vector teams up with Bella Shmurda for soul-stirring “If They are Real”

Vector has emerged as a cultural torchbearer, using his platform for enlightenment and in this collaboration with Bella Shmurda, the duo presents a reflective record titled “If They are Real.”

The track kicks off with the veteran rapper’s poignant lines, “In my life, Jah open my eyes,” setting the tone for a candid expression of life based on personal experience. Exploring the duality of life, Vector delves into the battles and victories with unfiltered honesty amidst a backdrop of lies and fake truths.

“If They are Real” goes beyond being just an enjoyable track; it serves as a personal account, weaving together the experiences and stories of both real and fictional people and places. Vector and Bella Shmurda share their fears, hopes, advice and perspectives, offering listeners a glimpse into the motivations that drive them.

Bella Shmurda’s emotive vocals carry the weight of vulnerability, especially in the hook where he sings, “So many fake people, closing in on my life oh, but jah open my eyes, If they’re real ose ba mi.” Bella Shmurda opens up to the complexities of life, expressing a desire to live, give to both the poor and the rich, and reach the peak of his existence.

Produced by That BeatSmith, the mood of “If They are Real” is solemn, with mid-tempo drums and percussion providing a fitting backdrop. The production allows Vector and Bella Shmurda’s words to resonate and touch the hearts of listeners.

The collaboration stands as a testament to Vector’s evolution as an artist, showcasing his commitment to authenticity and cultural depth. “If They are Real” invites audiences to not only enjoy a musical experience but also to contemplate the profound narratives woven into the fabric of the song.

Listen and stream the track here

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