Vector drops diss track; MI threatens to slap him

It’s no news that Vector dropped a diss track for MI a few days ago and caught the eye of the hip hop community.

In the heat of the rap banter, MI was asked by his enraged fans for a counter diss track to cement his Kingship.

He initially declined but after a rethink, promised his fans he would come for Vector soon and they were abated.

Vector then came for round two,
releasing another diss track that he titled ‘Tetracycling’ and this time he failed to conjure up the expected response.

MI was quick to register his disappointment at the weak bars targeted at him and went viral on a tweeting spree where he mentioned that he will slap Vector for dropping such a weak diss track for him. He says he can’t respond to such a track as it is not good enough to elicit a response.

Hip-hop enthusiasts showed their disappointment at what they called a weak swipe at the King.

Vector revealed in a tweet that he paid a visit to MI and wasn’t graced with the artistes presence and eventually left. At which MI cleared the confusion by revealing that he’s presently in London and will be back tomorrow and scheduled another meet for Wednesday with a token of Henny to help the conversation.

We can’t wait to see what materialises from all the diss.

We’ll keep you updated.

Image credit: MI & Vector

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