Trapeze Books acquires Stephanie Yeboah’s debut rom-com “Big Chaotic Energy”

Trapeze Books, an imprint of Orion Publishing Group, has made two exciting acquisitions of two novels, including the highly anticipated debut rom-com “Big Chaotic Energy” from writer and body image advocate Stephanie Yeboah. 

According to The Bookseller, the acquisition was made by Trapeze Books editor Serena Arthur, who recognized the potential of Yeboah’s work.

“Big Chaotic Energy” is described as a hilarious and heartwarming story about finding love when you least expect it. This rom-com novel marks Yeboah’s debut in the literary world, and it is expected to captivate readers with its relatable characters and witty dialogue.

Trapeze Books has been making waves in the publishing industry with their commitment to bringing diverse and engaging stories to readers. This acquisition further solidifies their dedication to showcasing fresh voices and unique perspectives.

Stephanie Yeboah’s “Big Chaotic Energy” joins the ranks of other notable works published by Trapeze Books, including Rose McDonagh’s debut novel One Came Back. With these exciting additions to their catalogue, Trapeze Books continues to establish itself as a leading publisher of compelling and thought-provoking literature.

Readers can look forward to diving into the pages of “Big Chaotic Energy” and experiencing the joy and laughter that Stephanie Yeboah’s writing promises to deliver.


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