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REDTV’s Red Hot Topics Enters Season 5

It’s no longer news that REDTV’s Red Hot Topics is now in high demand with millennials constantly craving for more. Well the latest update is that the show has now dropped episode 5 with great promise of more rich and robust subjects. The show which follows a panel of young people discussing current and relevant topics that affect everyday life has gotten very popular with enormous followers always waiting to catch the next episode.

Every gathering of the 11 exciting, energetic, hot young folks, features them openly and frankly touching on topics ranging from equality to infidelity, sex, relationships, honour, business and the choices we all must make.

They ask daring questions, which they collectively, do well to thrash out, leaving viewers not only enthralled but also better enlightened on topical issues.

Produced on set in the brand new studios of REDTV, Red Hot Topics will defy the norms and break down all barriers. The boys – T.J, Ihechi, O.D, Tayo, Ola , Farouq and the girls – Lolo, Ada, Coco, Bukky and Ariyiike are stunning, stylish, suave and ready to talk. If it’s honest, they will tell it. If it is taboo, they will uncover it. But most of all, if it’s forbidden and unchartered, – they will go all the way and bring the heat!

Speaking on REDTV’s latest series, Executive Producer of the Show, Bola Atta said ‘Red Hot Topics is a chat show that will change how people think and act, in a positive way. The conversations of the vibrant youths are as essential as they are interesting and engaging. The cast is fun, honest and fresh, all speaking straight from the heart, with no holds barred.’

REDTV is a fast paced lifestyle channel that puts Africa on the global stage. Proudly powered by the United Bank for Africa (UBA). The network is here to entertain and inform, with rich content that features the very best of Africa; focused on entertainment, fashion, news, design, music, sport, movies, travel and much more.

REDTV collaborates with the most talented visionaries, creative minds daring to believe in a New Africa, putting together content that reflects it. Feel the Heat on REDTV.

New Music: Let’s Get ‘Lucid’

Aṣa made a promise a few weeks ago and she has finally delivered.

To all the Asa fans out there, the much anticipated album ‘ Lucid’ dropped today and Nigeria’s undisputed queen of soul confirmed it in the early hours of today with an excited tweet.

LUCID is now yours. For being with me from the beginning, thank you from my soul. I hope you will enjoy listening to #Lucid as much I did writing it. Love Asa

Go ahead, drop everything you are doing and partake of this amazing body of work.

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LABAF2019 – Opening of GREEN FESTIVAL @Food court

Nothing compares to excited kids learning about books and the environment. Every year, hundreds of pupils and students from as many as 50 schools — public and private – from around Lagos converge on the festival ground of LABAF to participate in the “Feast of Life and Ideas”. Through the session curated by the Children Care for the Environment, CATE, founded by the Environmental author and activist, Sola Alamutu aka Green Queen (GQ), the young ones partake in mentoring and workshop sessions that help them discover their talents and/or sharpen their skills through creative activities such as writing, reading, storytelling, spelling bees, drama, dance, poetry and music.

Over the years the session popularly referred to as the GREEN. FESTIVAL or the Children/Youth Segment of the LABAF, has grown from its initial 3-day duration to a full one-week event. There have been 13 annual editions already, and this year is the 14th, which coincides with the 20th anniversary of the CATE, and thus have a robust programme line-up. The Green Festival often enjoys the collaboration of the Lagos State Ministry of Education.

Date: Friday, Nov 8, 2019

Time: 9 am

Venue: Food Court, Freedom Park, Lagos

Don’t miss #Labaf2019

Vector tags MI a Rat in New Track

Vector will not be shut down. Just days after MI released the diss track, ‘The Viper’ against Vector’s dual jab of two diss tracks ‘ The Purge’ and ‘Tetracycling’

Vector responds with a new diss track and calls this new onslaught ‘Judas The Rat ‘

In this new response, he does a good job of refuting MI’s claim of ‘raising people’ in the industry.
On a first listen, Vector does a relatively decent job but focuses on a sensitive subject; MIs brother, Jesse Jags.

Vector tweeted the following:

JudasTheRat #Pastorson

Out Now on Youtube!

Let’s see how this escalating animosity unfolds.

Felabration@FreedomPark –Immerse yourself in the heady cocktail of sounds

Felabration@FreedomPark –Immerse yourself in the heady cocktail of sounds that will take over the stage as Omawumi gets in her feelings alongside Roforofo Jazz from Paris, France, Alero and Abinibi Band on Saturday October 19th 2019.


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