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“It’s a Crazy World” The Hilarious Sitcom by Amanda Ebeye stars Bob Manuel Udokwu, Kunle Coker & Francis Odega.

Hey guys, It’s a crazy world premieres 8 pm on Thursday, April 30th on Silverbird Network (STV) Dstv 252, Startimes 109, and GOtv 92/192.


“It’s a crazy world” is a modern-day 30-minute sitcom created by Amanda Ebeye and majorly directed by KC Muel and Amanda Ebeye. It tells the story of a very wealthy man with three women and three kids. It’s a hilarious sitcom that addresses the competition women go through in general trying to outdo themselves and constantly vying for the man’s attention. In this case, these women would use any means available to them, with social media being their number one go-to tool. The other two women are constantly trying to win the favorite spot which the first wife already occupies as he constantly reminds them that besides pregnancy and the kids from the other women; he’s a man with a one-man-one-woman personality. So they try every way they can to win that spot, employing social media tools, the last wife and the kids’ area always on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, living a lie, making their worlds look perfect when it is not.

This sitcom hopes to treat modern-day issues, addressing the pseudo and craziness of social media. It shows how extreme women can be and how far they would go to earn the MRS title.

Check out the trailer below

Morgan Freeman Shares A Message of Hope

Even in a pandemic, Morgan Freeman’s voice remains a beacon of hope. The legendary actor, whose inspirational words and wise sayings have served as the guiding light for many, shared a powerful message on social media thanking the entire world for doing their part in stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

Morgan Freeman took to social media to share a moving video about “what is going on in the world today” after many of his followers asked him to share his thoughts on the pandemic.

Watch the video below:

Text excluding title courtesy Bellanaija

Davido Donates Proceeds From His “D&G” Video For Covid-19 Research; Gets Recognized by CNN.

Nigerian singer, Davido has been recognized by CNN for donating proceeds from his music video to provide funds for coronavirus research.

The singer released the visuals for his song with American singer, Summer Walker “D&G” which is off his “A Good Time” album. It was then reported by the popular fashion house Dolce and Gabanna that proceeds from the track would be donated to provide funds for research to combat the coronavirus.

The singer then made the news on CNN when an entertainment reporter interviewed the music star and asked him why he wants to donate proceeds from his new video and he says ” I was on tour when Dolce and Gabbana were doing a research for the Vaccine when the virus broke out”.

HBO Introduces Intense First Look at Michaela Coel’s New Series “I May Destroy You”

British-Ghanaian actress, writer and “Chewing Gum” creator, Michaela Coel, is back with an HBO series, “I May Destroy You“, which explores the question of sexual consent and where, in the new landscape of dating and relationships, the distinction between liberation and exploitation lies.

The story centres Arabella Essiuedu (Coel), an easily distracted, non-committal, and carefree woman, who finds herself feted as the ‘voice of her generation,’ with an agent, a book commission and a helluva lot of pressure. After being sexually assaulted in a nightclub, her life changes irreversibly and Arabella is forced to reassess everything: her career, her friends, even her family. As Arabella struggles to come to terms with what has happened, she begins a journey of self-discovery.

The show is a co-production between HBO and BBC and is set to premiere sometime in June.

The series stars Michaela Coel alongside Weruche Opia, Paapa Essiedu, Aml Ameen, Adam James, Sarah Niles, Ann Akin, Harriet Webb, Ellie James, Franc Ashman, Karan Gill, Natalie Walter, and Samson Ajewole.

Watch the teaser here:

The Best Podcasts To Listen To While Social Distancing.

Social distancing got you down? Looking for another voice — anyone’s but your own — to fill your head and help pass the hours? Check out some of our favorite podcasts. Whether you’re looking for a 30-minute love story, a deep dive into Soviet history, or a fictional world to immerse yourself in, there’s something here for all podcast lovers.

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Most Viewed Stories
Gov. Charlie Baker gives a press conference at the Cartamundi plant in East Longmeadow. The plant, in partnership with Hasbro, is making clear plastic face shields as personal protective devices for health care workers, first responders and law enforcement. (Douglas Hook/MassLive)
For The Innately Curious: “Invisibilia” and “Hidden Brain”
Iris Adler, Executive director for programming, podcasts and special projects: “Why do we behave the way we do? If you are looking for smart, deep-dives on that most central question, definitely check out two NPR podcasts: the new season of “Invisibilia,” and “Hidden Brain” with Shankar Vedantum. Both use storytelling and social science to challenge our assumptions about human behavior.”

For Fans Of Gonzo Journalism: “Welcome to L.A.”
Ben Brock Johnson, Senior producer: “One part Gonzo journalism, one part Raymond Chandler noir, one part profiles of Los Angeles characters, this show is mixed, but it’s one of my favorite and I think most underrated podcasts of the last few years.”

For The Kids: “Circle Round”
Iris Adler: “Time to get the kids at home off their screens? Give them the gift of our beautifully crafted Circle Round stories, stories from around the world that kids love, and parents are grateful for.”

For The Nostalgic Music Buff: “Reply All: The Case Of The Missing Hit”
Caitlin O’Keefe, podcast producer, “Modern Love:” “This episode of Reply All, in which the team tries to track down a hit song from the 1990s that doesn’t seem to exist anywhere on the internet, is a delightful frolic. It’s a fantastic distraction and it will make you smile.”

For Slice-Of-Life Fans: “Rumble Strip Vermont”
Josh Swartz, podcast producer, “Endless Thread:” If you’re feeling isolated and freaked out, pick a random episode of Rumble Strip and settle in. As rumble strips in a road are meant to alert distracted drivers, independent producer Erica Heilman encourages all of us to slow down and listen, as she travels around her native Vermont talking to fellow Vermonters. She has a knack for connecting with people on a deep level — everyone from taxidermists to waitresses — and the resulting episodes are timeless, down-to-earth, and chock full of surprising stories and memorable characters. If you want a place to start, try “An American Life,” about Vietnam vet and hairdresser Vaughn Hood (co-produced by Heilman and Larry Massett).”

If You Need A Good Laugh: “The Topical”
Andrea Asuaje, reporter/producer, “Kind World”: “For a R-rated laugh, I highly highly recommend The Onion’s daily podcast, “The Topical.” Absurd, laugh-out-loud comedy that’s so needed right now.”

For The Doomsday Predictors: “Snap Judgment: This Is Not A Drill”
Caitlin O’Keefe: This is an exceptional piece from “Snap Judgment” about the 38 minutes on January 13, 2018 when Hawaii residents thought they faced the threat of an incoming ballistic missile. It was a moment when normal life seemed to have ended, and all of the rules were thrown out. I’ve thought about it a lot in the past week.

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