Toby Grey collaborates with Kemuel and Terri for a soulful remix of “Peace of Mind”

Toby Grey has released “Peace of Mind” Remix Pack, featuring the talented artistes Kemuel and Terri. This soul-stirring remix pack offers a refreshing perspective on love, celebrating the essence of an unproblematic lover.

In a world where insecurities and jealousy often cloud relationships, the renowned Nigeria-born, UK-based singer’s “Peace of Mind” Remix Pack serves as a heartfelt ode to the rare gem of a partner who uplifts and supports without seeking to diminish the other person. With her enchanting vocals and lyrical prowess, Toby Grey weaves a narrative of gratitude for the serenity and assurance her love brings—a prayer answered for countless individuals yearning for such an extraordinary connection.

The “Peace of Mind” Remix Pack boasts a masterful fusion of musical talent, featuring the incredible contributions of Kemuel and Terri. Each artist brings their unique flair and interpretation to the song, adding layers of emotion and depth to an already poignant melody.

Whether you’re experiencing the highs and lows of love or simply seeking a soulful escape, this remix pack promises to stir the heart and soul.


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