Meet Simple T: The Prince of the City of Gold – Onyeka Nwelue

Simple T is proudly South African and from a huge township called Soweto. He conceived his stage name whilst still in High School as he sought to identify with his actual nature and express his experiences through his music.

The ace musician is getting prepared to release his new single titled ‘City of Gold’ which he plans to launch anytime soon. A recent video of his titled ‘Retrospect’ has just been released and he infuses into it his studio life and a taste of his lifestyle.

He has collaborated with various artists and allows that he enjoys the process of collaborating as it fuses two different perspectives into a beautiful contraption of sounds… “…collaborations are essential in music…”, he avers.

He aspires to collaborate with artists like Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Elaine, Sade, Jesse Reyez and Jhene Aiko… And more…

Simple T is usually found in the company of Nigerians. He was signed by a Nigerian management (record label). From his observation, Nigerians are enterprising, highly disciplined towards achieving success.He feels comfortable around the winners in his circle… He has a fierce love for Nigerian Jollof Rice and considers the Nigerian people one of the proudest breed on the continent.

It’s in his plans to feature Nigerian acts in his future works. That will come after the launch of his EP (and a couple of singles). Then he can indulge that urge.

Simple T is currently grounded in Johannesburg, due to the lockdown. Sheltered in the studio. He’s had plenty time to meditate on his work and to restructure the trajectory of his projects. But he’s not blind to the mania out there in society… The pandemic has done damage to our general livelihood. People have lost their lives (their soul rest in peace). People have lost their jobs. And the economy is unstable… 2020 has put a sore mark on the book of history. And his hope is that humanity can thrive after this treacherous episode and learn to grow from it.

With his music, he aims to inspire kids from every cranny of the globe to stubbornly follow their dreams and remain true to their intuition. His music is curated for those who appreciate good music. For those who are in need of his uplifting message; the impoverished and discarded.

Simple T has big plans. He sees himself performing to a magnitude of concert-goers. Sees himself featured on the Grammy stage (representing his home continent).

Simple T will launch an EP in the nearest future with talks of an album in the works.

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